Devonian Fish




lumper lumper

soundless and stock still

               a capsized world      hidden

who shall find us amongst these voiceless reeds

Pressed down   


listening to the one last vein

of the river Belubula to babble with


our mouths are open and the suck is spoilt

and the ebbed tide is close to ones chest

skimming a stone where depth has it's last leap

can you feel that?

can you?

they are where the water does not serve

all ears to the lumpers

and anchors to this slab of sea     mud hooks

sitting cold and covered

light into darkness


90 kilograms stacked..........      lumper     lumper

devote themselves to the unapologetic

hemmed in quietness

of the gravity of this earth

Can you feel that?

Can you?

dog leg course of departures and returns

we paid our way

no more tails of twists and turns

above us are the lumpers..........    lumper   lumper


skimming a stone above

where depth is poised

©Genevieve Carroll All rights reserved