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'Aliferous - Having Wings'

Coming group exhibition at
King Street on William Gallery


Balancing act on earths table by Genevieve Carroll - 2020-102cm x102cm Oil on canvas - ima

Group exhibition

Genevieve Carroll, Angela Malone, Adriane Strampp & David Pearce.

27 September to October 2023


The Anatomy of Still Life

The Mended Stitch

Genevieve Carroll -The Mended Stitch ( 2 ),

embroidery, ink on linen, collage fabric, embroidery thread

131 x 150 cm,


On exhibit with my

 The Anatomy of Still Life, 2021, HD single channel video, 00:05:04. Collection of Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. Courtesy the artist and Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. Not for sale.

Colleagues Frankenstein and Persephone are set up for their aI workshop - Oil and acrylic
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