My ingrained mindset of bushfire as a threat and not as an organic tool to use, to be comfortable with fire and it's advantages other than the fireplace, to imagine fire as cool, was such a revelation for me.


To stand in this landscape of Cape York Queensland with fires burning all around you, a paddock of fire rings, to walk amongst, to hear dingos howling in the distance responding to whirly whirlys dancing through the fire rings and to find myself calm was such an extraordinary experience.


My painting Second Nature responds to comparisons of commonplace in two cultures. How we source our food in an urban environment to the resourcefulness of  Aboriginal knowledge of obtaining their food through land management.


The painting combines two perspectives of what I know and what I learnt. It shows still life objects that are intermingled with the life cycles and the understanding of two approaches to our natural world.

Images: Bill Moseley


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