Circumnavigating stars that have no shame

two expanses of shared equal weight

My art is an ongoing visual memoir called The Wattle Room and each exhibition is a chapter of my life. My art circumnavigates the natural world, poetry and playing with eccentric realities of how I observe the world.

Intuitively I paint and sculpt colourful abstract environments using mixed media and found objects that invite the viewer to move into the space that demands attention like a veritable puzzle.

For StarPicket I made diary like drawings of my ongoing thoughts and imagery whilst at Lake Mungo and an expressive painting/sculpture constellation of varying elements, which investigate Western Pastoral history intersecting with Aboriginal traditions. There I learnt that the Aboriginal people saw the landscape and night sky as holistically interwoven, two expanses of shared equal weight.

Through this observation I want to convey the feeling of western cultural values pursuing the dreams of rural aristocracy, challenged by isolation and lack of holistic understanding of the landscape they found themselves in, of whether they were in the right place as they identified themselves to be.


Orange Regional Gallery

Mixed media