T h e   W a t t l e   R o o m  developed  in 2007 at my residency in Paris which was awarded to me by Tim Storrier and Annette Onslow and the National Art School.

During my three month stay at Cite Internationale des Arts Paris, I developed my first autobiographical visual book  through installation and drawing and each exhibition since has become a chapter of my life.


“As an artist I love to work across the multi disciplines of painting, poetry, sculpture, drawing and installation.

There is a very distinct feeling that I am creating my own unique reality as the artwork is known for it's absurd theatrical juxtapositions that have a personal, humorous intuition to them. My art sits under the poetic titles of The Wattle Room and The Anatomy of Still Life that have become personal memoirs.

The outcome I always endeavor to create is for the viewer to sense the precarious reality of our natural world and to question their very own sense of connecting with mortality within the chaos of this very delicate world, as just beneath the surface is the brevity of life"